Techbite is new level of Prinet,with a strong impact of Tanesis transforms in fierce creature which lost own mind but can to perform orders with strong impulse impact on Tanesis,ruthless beast that have terrible power and the exoskeleton(Got it in turn of modification) Have a two stages of mutation,last is irreversible.


The first Techbite is Kanfar Rolz,after killing a scientists and some soldiers,hided in unknown direction.


In current times Techbites divided by types:


Prototype A - 21: Usual techbite which have a biggest power than Techbite of first stage and Prinet.Can be found at Chapter 2.


His Pluses:

-Not weak,theirs attacks are dangerous.

-Not bad attack speed.


His Minuses:

-Low HP Level.

-Their intelligence on animal's level.

Prototype D - 15: Techbite which was captured by Dark Creatures.One of dangerous enemies,have supernatural abilities.


His Pluses:

-High Speed of Attack and movement speed.

-Have abilities which can to use on radius.

-Increased intelligence unlike Prototype A - 21.


His Minuses:

-Low Damage.

-Have limit of Abilities.

Prototype G - 3: Techbite which was captured by Military Command.Have modification "Exoskelet" that give a powerful defend from weapons.


His Pluses:

-High Armor.Very hard to penetrate.

-High Damage,a much powerful than others.

-Can become Invisible.

-High intelligence and good strategy.


His Minuses:

-Very Low Attack Speed.

-Medium Movement Speed.

-Low resist against heavy shotguns.