New things and changes!

Hello we still online.We have bad and good news so let's start:


Good News:


1.Fall of Anterfold (Fall of Anterfold: Encounter) now has been finished,yes we have released a four episodes but read next text.


1.1 All next FoA games will be only for single player why we did it?We must agree the fact what a true survival horror should be based on one main character and many elements has were more to horror shooter,Encounter was good but some of players was not be pleased due things like these..We agreed the hard decision so Encounter was the last from FoA franchise in Co-op setting.Also personally we have not took a participate into development of Encounter it was made by Luna Team.After this Luna Team has been disbanded no not by us.So next games of FoA will be made by us.


2.Fall of Anterfold: Chronicles is in development.We will inform when it will being done.


3.EFT now has been renamed to TFS(The Flaundflare Studios).This mean what now this site is of our studio.Here will be all games which is related with us,not  only FoA franchise.


Also soon we will launch the forum of team,where you can to meet the new and old members and where you can discuss all our upcoming or released games.


Best wishes The Flaundflare Studios.

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