Fall of Anterfold


Platforms: Windows 7,8,10

Memory Maximum: 2 GB

Memory Minimum: 512

Disk Size: 2 GB

Mode: Co-op




In a single moment everything that you had seen, known, and loved disappeared. Anterfold fell not by the explosive destruction of bombs, but rather because of a mystic project known only as the "Ring of Yorus". What is still unknown is whether this was caused by some sort of virus or a massive weapon, but all that remains of the project is death.


Thus began the age of big guns and powerful spells. Magic and technology were merged together, but these strides would not be the one legacy which remained of the "Ring of Yorus". All around the world energy holes started to show up which led dark creatures

from another place into this world. These creatures were driven by a single need, Blood Lust.


The remaining survivors founded six colonies: Derostraid, Nertenfild, Flaundskiel, Mortenholl, Kronleit, and Arheis. An Earth pony, Orangeflide, and a pegasus, Hover Clound, from Flaundskiel were assigned the task of exploring sector 2-A which approaches the center of the Dead City, Aronfide, but what secrets await them there?


Perhaps answers to the question: What was the "Ring of Yorus" project? Or maybe something far more terrible...