Dark Universe - The Universe of all dimensions and worlds. General home of grimdark, dark or horror pony games.


Infinity Gods

Infinity Gods have absolute power and can make whatever they want. One Infinity God can't kill the other due to absolutive immortality but can disable him for a while time. They are always fighting with each other. The exact amount of them is unknown. 



  • Malicania
  • Cesteria
  • Astarous
  • Galaste
  • Zur Maostriz
  • Darmond
  • Daisz
  • Monteria
  • Lunkol
  • Garkroll
  • Sabriez
  • Skiezfro


The Dark Universe has a broad number of systems. The main ones of them are described here.



  • System "Damnia" (Home for dimensions: Fall of Anterfold, Equestfold)
  • System "Alga-Prime"
  • System "Grao"
  • System "Redectus"
  • System "Betania"
  • System "Zetalouz"
  • System "Craolite"




  • Reixares
  • Dark Changelings
  • Unlagers
  • Blood Followers
  • Saicrons
  • Rexsers
  • The Bleeding Souls
  • Demons of Lanara
  • Zeta Hunters
  • Unraixs
  • The Eaters