Equestfold (In short form EF) - The dimension of Dark Universe which has been written by KnatE.Unlike FoA, Equestfold has non-linear and linear storylines. It has main branches and formation of the stories are similar to FoA.



Author: KnatE.


Game Developer: The Flaundflare Studios


Theme: fantasy, biopunk, nanopunk, grimdark, mix of the MLP's and Anterfold's worlds.


Has relation with MLP canon, has pony characters from it.


Two infinity gods Celestia and Luna continue confrontation in the Dark Universe, next battlefield is dimension Equestria.Third age, ponies are lives in peace but word "war" will always be everywhere and has revealed own face at that world again.Someone has joined to Luna, others have chosen a side of Celestia.


To stop the war between two infinity gods, Twilight Sparkle has accepted a hard decision to summon other infinity gods, she hoped what they will stop that conflict.But after using void magic her soul has changed.The second problem was in the using a huge amount of energy which has been released to outside.


Energy holes are started to show up around all Equestria which has led both villagers and monsters from the dimension Anterfold.Magic and technologies were merged, Equestria's and Anterfold's villagers have begun to live together.That's how Equestfold was created.

Main Branches:

Hospital Anoreham (In short form "Anoreham" ) - set of stories about Fluttershy.


Age of Chaos - set of stories about Rainbow Dash.


Dawn of Madness - set of stories about Twilight Sparkle.


Mystical Stone - set of stories about Rarity.


Bloody Smile - set of stories about Pinkie Pie.


Official Games:


  • Equestfold (ARPG, Survival Horror)

Coming Soon:

  • Equestfold: Hospital Anoreham (Action, Neo Horror)