Fall of Anterfold (In short form FoA) - The dimension of Dark Universe which has been written by KnatE. FoA is a full of different stories that start and end in various places. If you are dead then no any revive. It has various storylines which are can be related between yourselves or not.


Author: KnatE.


Game Developer: The Flaundflare Studios


Theme: post-apocalyptic horror, biopunk, nanopunk, technopunk.

No relation with MLP canon, despite having the ponies.


The 2205 year, after a third global war ponies endure daily suffering: revolutions, resource exhaustion, and many other problems. This story begins with the appearing of the mystical project, the G-Alt. It is still unknown that effects were are, a virus or radiation, but the only thing that the project has brought was death. All Anterfold has turned into a dead zone which got the name, Null Zone.


The remains of survivors have founded several cities. Some of them directly oppose each other.


But these are not the only problems, all around Anterfold anomalies are beginning to appear, called energy holes, from which horrible monsters have emerged into Anterfold.

Main storylines:



Blood Storm

Forgotten Residents

The Dead World

Official Games:


  • Fall of Anterfold: Chronicles (Survival Horror)
  • Fall of Anterfold: Chronicles 2 (Survival Horror)
  • Fall of Anterfold: Outland (Neo Horror)
  • Fall of Anterfold: Outland 2 (Neo Horror)
  • Fall of Anterfold: Outland 3 (Neo Horror)
  • Fall of Anterfold: Blood Storm  (Neo Horror, Ambient Horror)


Official Spin-offs:

  • Fallout of the Anterfold (FOTA)
  • Equestfold