Saicrons- The creatures that emerged from the energetic holes, the hierarchy is rather complicated and the Supreme Champions control everything, all of them worships the two gods who created them, Angelius and Marstroth. For Saicrons the bleeding of the victim increases the thirst for energy which they need.


Reixars - One of the multiple effects of the G-Alt project. Home of the spiders was one of the multiple victims. All of them has been immediately died. Through some time they have resurrected to giant monsters which are headed by the Queen.


Blood Followers - Demons come from the World of Chaos. The main emphasis is on strength and magic. Demons need blood, for them, it is a source of strength. They worship one of the gods of infinity, Astarous.


Mutants - Ponies which got under partial impact of the G-Alt project, because of mutations they become feral and aggressive. They kill all who enters their territory.

Proto-Alpha - Ponies which got under epicenter of the G-Alt project, mutated to different monsters with different forms. Dwell around all Null Zone.