All ponies have one gender under the name Jinex. They speak in conversation as the female. However, family ties are sometimes highly blurred, and there is a misunderstanding in families. The process is happening on the contact between the partners. As a result of satisfaction partner's organism will get genetic data and DNA for the future birth of new pony. In this case, one of Jinex becomes pregnant.


Note: Every Jinex has male genitalia and can give birth.




In a family, Sisters are called Jar'zill.



In a family, Mothers are called Jar'zar.



In a family, Daughters are called Jar'za.



In a family, Grandmothers are called Jar'zall



In a family, Aunts are called Jar'zaum.

Supernatural Abilities:

All ponies regardless of race have innate supernatural abilities they are created and developed by the bio-robot Tanesis. Without it, ponies would have spent many years on improving and develop own abilities. However, Tanesis has the negative impact if a pony will be using too much energy, as a result of the energy impulse. Tanesis will out of control and pony become Batehorn - a bloodthirsty monster that will kill everyone on its way. From all races, unicorns have a high chance to become Batehorns, because their abilities can develop too fast.


In childhood, all ponies have Tanesis inside own bodies. Because of early introducing to them.