Overlord: Dark Crusade - Upcoming the game in the grimdark fantasy where Evil forces after defeating should restore the power and return the control over the world.


World Alesia, the power of good, led by God, won the victory and defeated the forces of evil. Peace reigned in the world, but it was not long. From year to year God has started to become more and more bloodthirsty, the Holy Inquisition arranged terror over terror. Angel Cassandra, who headed the fifth legion, was entrusted with the task of God to destroy the heretics in the city of Aylur. Upon arrival in the city, Kassandra, instead of heretics, saw ordinary ponies who are frightened and do not represent any danger. Cassandra refused from performing the order, and the devastated God banished her to the abyss and condemned her to eternal suffering.


After some time, a stranger appeared calling himself one of the Infinity Gods of those who are above all. Infinite Gods are unhappy with what this God has done to the world. The stranger promised to give the power to take down this God. He also asked to choose a side and strength. Cassandra, disappointed in good and light, chose darkness. Now she became the second Overlord. It is time to revenge in full and returning the Evil.