Fall of Anterfold is one of Dark Universe's dimension. It's infinity dimension where are a million stories. FoA has a few themes such as dark post-apocalyptic horror, biopunk, nanopunk and technopunk. The second feature is endings, which can be in two variations only, neutral or bad.


Anyway, Fall of Anterfold isn't the drama. It's the story of survival and tragedies, consequences and reckoning. It shows the world in dull tones, sometimes such things are unacceptable, but these things have made Fall of Anterfold which we now know.



The main game genre is Neo Horror. You can read details about it in The Lore->Neo Horror. In short form, Neo Horror gives more realism and survival by just one rule "Fair fight". When you and your opponent are in same rules, conditions and have equal chances to kill.


Each branch brings own features, it gives a choice of different sets of gameplay, to give the player a full dive into the atmosphere of the world.


So what is FoA? It's survival in hard times when you are alone, but you still have hope to end the nightmare.