Dark Creatures - Energy Ghosts which needs in life energy of ponies.They have different form and colors which is from dark purple to dark blue.


One of the most dangerous enemies.


Habitat is North Anterfold.

Insictors - The only mistake which has been created by military command.It began from bio-weapon which should be to kill the marauders and bandits, but a strike was failed and has been inflicted on another zone.The zone has been a home for the spiders.All of them has been immediately died.The virus has revived their bodies but during mutation, they have transformed into killer monsters, which needs in meat for their queen.


One of the most dangerous enemies.


Habitat is North-West Anterfold.

The Shadows - No Information yet.


Habitat is South Anterfold.

Blood Legion - No Information yet.


Habitat is East Anterfold.

Undeads - No Information yet.


Habitat is South-East Anterfold.