1. After starting the episode I getting the error Fatal Error etc.How to fix?


A. In game's folder, you can find folder "Soft".Install VC_redist.x64 and VC_redist.x86 from that folder, both must be installed.Also, they can be installed on our launcher.


2. I got some error, DirectX wasn't found etc. How to fix?


A.In game's folder, you can find folder "Soft". Install directx_Jun2010_redist from that folder. Also, it can be installed on our launcher.


3. After finishing the episode or level, the game closes without any error, does that okay?


A. Sometimes it happens, don't worry that isn't critical. Just start next episode/level.


4. I getting errors something like "A wasn't found on a current keyboard." How to fix?


A. That happens when your language hasn't set to English. This need for the proper work of WASD system. Just change keyboard language to English and problem will disappear.


5. How to close the WASD programme?


A. Press number "0" or close that from tray menu by right click.


6. How to exit the game?


A. Please read control menu. In some our games it can be called by hotkey "X".


7. I keep getting the error, I've installed DirectX and VC_redist from the launcher.


A. The first way is selection the different location, for example, not disk where is Windows. The second way is to launch the game with administrator option. You can directly do it from the launcher.


If you have another problem or something else please send that to us through "Report Bug".